Executive Development

We offer wellbeing and wellness coaching to executive officers through the deployment of the Heartmath Institute Stress and Wellbeing Assessment. Improved productivity and a better work-life balance are two of the things that we assist executives with, apart from work-place engagement.

We provide mental toughness coaching for executives in corporations by utilising AQR intelligence, MTQ assessment in integration with the learned optimism of Martin Seligman, and HeartMath research concepts. Mental toughness, which is a combination of resilience and positivity, is essential to prospering in a competitive company.

MTQ measures commitment, challenge, confidence, and control.

Through our Strategic Organization Savvy Genetics approach, we have developed a one-of-a-kind research model with the goal of assisting corporations to design, develop, and deploy organization-savvy skills, as well as making it a distinct interpersonal DNA.

Both Individual and Team coaching is part of our offering.


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